Conference Cancellation policy

If you have a GPI Arts and Crafts Weekend Package:

The Grove Park Inn is still adhering to the 7-day cancellation window for guests that have major health concerns. It’s appreciated if you make the decision on whether or not to travel before your cancellation date. Within the 7-day window, dates can be adjusted, but the decision to refund your deposit would be reviewed by the management team as extenuating circumstances can happen.

Weather related delays should be reported to the hotel by the guests by the check in date. If guests are unable to travel due to flight cancellations or travel advisories, the Grove Park Inn can update or cancel the reservation without penalty.

If however a guest no-shows without contacting the hotel to advise of the illness or weather related delay or cancellation, the Grove Park Inn will not refund the deposit, and the no show fee will stand.

If you purchase a Conference Events Pass from us:

From February 1 until the Thursday prior to the conference, the amount paid will be credited toward next year’s conference pass unless weather concerns or a major health diagnosis prevents you from coming.

If your workshop has been cancelled:

Either our office or the instructor will send you an email notifying you of the cancellation. You would have the option of (1) rolling over the registration to the next year’s workshop; or (2) signing up for another workshop and receiving a check for the remaining balance.

Total refunds will need to be reviewed by the office of the National Arts and Crafts Conference if it is not due to inclement weather or a serious health condition.