Owners: Gwen Jones & Karla Pearlstein

Portland, OR 97211

Ariel Grace Design

Ariel Grace Design is the premier source for beautifully crafted, custom-designed floorcloths. Floorcloths are handmade canvas-based rugs that are infinitely customizable in style, palette, size, and shape. We work with clients to create the perfect floorcloth/canvas rug for your home or office. Our website shows many examples of custom floorcloths. We look forward to working with you to modify a floorcloth you see on our website to work perfectly for you and welcome any ideas you have for new patterns and palettes.

Floorcloths are remarkably durable, easy to clean, and hypoallergenic. They can be customized in every way to enhance any home or commercial environment. As they protect floors and are unaffected by spills, floorcloths are particularly well suited for kitchens, dining rooms, entryways, and hallways. Any space is elevated by the beauty and practicality of these heirloom-quality floor coverings.