Owners: Dianne Ayres and Timothy Hansen

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Arts & Crafts Period Textiles

Arts & Crafts Period Textiles is pleased to offer textile items and books from our 35 plus years of collecting. Our focus has been on the diversity of design, cherishing both the iconic and outliers. We see the pieces in the context of a whole and not as individual objects to be put on a pedestal. We do cherish those pieces that are “change art”—pieces that influenced a new direction in the movement. But the idea of “the best of its kind” is problematic. It is the determination of the “kind” that points to the “best” and not the “best” that determines the “kind”. That is not to say some pieces are not more successful than others. We cherish the diversity and creativity of the artist, both today and in the past. The Movement might have waxed and waned, but it never died.