Owner: Holly Bird

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City, State 88888

Studio Ibis

Welcome to Studio Ibis, a printmaking studio in Palm Harbor, Florida. I’m Holly Bird and I’ve found printmaking to be my natural home after decades as a graphic designer and I’ve found the Arts & Crafts Revival to be my natural home as an artist, since I first immersed myself in the Golden Age of book illustration. I also take great pleasure in teaching traditional printmaking so that these methods will not be lost and passed on.

My prints are small but complex, and most are under 9” x 12” inches. They take weeks and months to plan, carve and print and the output of my studio is therefore limited — as are the print runs. I use oil-based inks and only print on high quality, archival paper. You’ll find some of my images here on digitally-printed greeting cards and screen-printed t-shirts as well.