Owners: Yoshiko Yamamoto & Bruce Smith

The Arts & Crafts Press

Welcome to the Arts & Crafts Press!

Here at my studio in historic Kamakura, Japan, I am passionate about making traditional blockprints. My colorful limited-edition woodblock prints are made using the multiple hand-carved blocks.

Since establishing a print studio 25 years ago in Berkeley, California, my husband, Bruce Smith, and I have always turned to William Morris and his craft idealism for inspiration: he for his writing and research and I for artwork. Together we have been making letterpress-printed periodicals, broadsides, posters, artwork and greeting cards.

Recently in my search for ecological, kinder way of printing, I decided to focus on Japanese woodblock printing. It is a time-tested technique and I have yet a lot to learn. I’d love to continue to share with you the joy of making prints and artwork, all the way from Kamakura, Japan.