Arts and Crafts collectors have never been content to simply acquire pieces for our homes. We immediately want to learn as much as we can about each piece, from who made it and when it was made to precisely what skills and techniques were required to achieve its combination of beauty and usefulness. Each year at the National Arts and Crafts Conference we have arranged for craftsmen and women who are also skilled at teaching to provide 20-minute demonstrations of their craft. We are doing the same this coming February, but rather than taking place in a meeting room, it will be coming to registered participants via your computer. Our featured demonstrators will each have made a concise video to which we will provide the link for any registered participant to view at your leisure during the entire month of February.

“The Making of a Block Print” with Laura Wilder

“Greene & Greene: A Style” with Tom Gallenberg, furniture maker.

“The Basics of Embroidery” with Natalie Richards

“Stephanie in Her Studio: Adventures in Carving Porcelain” with Stephanie Young

“Interior Color Choices Made Easy” with Karen Hovde

“A Potter’s Craft” with Julie Calhoun-Roepnack

“Exterior Color Choices Made Easy” with Karen Hovde