Arts and Crafts collectors have never been content to simply acquire pieces for our homes. We immediately want to learn as much as we can about each piece, from who made it and when it was made to precisely what skills and techniques were required to achieve its combination of beauty and usefulness. Each year at the National Arts and Crafts Conference we have arranged for craftsmen and women who are also skilled at teaching to provide 20-minute demonstrations of their craft.

If you have an idea of a demonstration you would like to see or know of someone who would make a perfect demonstrator, please send us an email using our form below and let us know so we can consider your idea.

Arts and Crafts Demonstrations

2:00 – 6:00pm

(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

“Limbert Furniture Designs:  From Ebon-Oak to Spade Cutouts and More”

by David Van Epps

It has been said that the furniture of Charles Limbert is Arts & Crafts furniture “that has gone to finishing school in Europe.”  Such an observation gives rise to the query as to what that ‘educated furniture’ was all about.  In these 20-minute sessions, attendees can expect to learn about the design elements of Limbert’s furniture that were unique among the Arts & Crafts masters of the period and were influenced by his travels in Europe.  Photos and actual samples will be used to illustrate the design features.

David has been a collector and builder of Arts & Crafts style furniture for more than 50 years.  He has spent many hours researching the history, construction techniques, and design elements of the period, with special emphasis on his particular passion, the “Holland Dutch Arts & Crafts” furniture of Charles Limbert. There will be time for your questions and informal discussion at each session.

2:00 – 4:00pm

(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

“Arts & Crafts Copper Hammering Techniques”