Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the general admission and the conference pass? Am I allowed in the seminars with the $10 general admission ticket?

The $10 general admission is for access to the three selling shows – the 38th National Arts and Crafts Antiques, Contemporary and Books & More Shows. Additionally included in the $10 admission price is access to educational displays located in the 8th floor Books and More show and the Antiques Show, a free drawing in the Contemporary show, a silent auction, and our two annual demonstrations. The $10 admission ticket does not include admission to the seminars, however we do have a free presentation and movie on Saturday night that is free to the public. Everyone can join in and watch the Saturday evening presentation for free.

The Conference Events Pass costs $175.00: this price includes access to all seminars, group discussion sessions, walking tours of the Grove Park Inn and Biltmore Industries, a tote bag with the conference catalog and calendar, and access to the shows all weekend.

Is the annual home tour included in the Conference Events Pass?

Since the annual home tour is a fundraiser event for the Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County, it is a separate cost as is the tickets for The Craftsman Reception and the Asheville Art Museum Presentation. Please come back in the fall for more information about the Historic Home Tour, The Craftsman Reception, and the Asheville Art Museum.

What’s included in the cost of the National Arts and Crafts Weekend Package offered by the Grove Park Inn? How is that different from the Conference Events Pass?

The National Arts and Crafts Weekend Package will include your room on Friday and Saturday nights, a large continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings, the major seminar presentations, the daily Small Group Discussions, the walking tours, the afternoon demonstrations, the Saturday night movie, and the special educational exhibits, plus receive a Conference Catalog, a Conference Poster and a tote bag, as well as entry to all three shows each day.

When you sign up for the weekend package, your contact information will be sent to us in the conference office and we will send you an information packet in December.

The Conference Events Pass includes the major seminar presentations, the daily Small Group Discussions, the walking tours, the afternoon demonstrations, the Saturday night movie, and the special educational exhibits, a Conference Catalog, a Conference Poster, a tote bag, as well as entry to all three shows each day. If you’d like to purchase a Conference Events Pass, you can either purchase one through PayPal (please see the registration page for purchase instructions) or call the office of the National Arts and Crafts Conference for an over the phone payment.


What if I just want to shop the exhibitor shows only (not attend any of the seminars, live small group discussions, etc)?

General Admission for the exhibitor shows costs $10.00 per person, $5.00 for students and veterans. General admission gets you into all three shows for all three days, however you will need to bring your program back for admission.

When can I make my GPI reservations for 2025?

The Grove Park Inn is currently taking reservations for rooms for the 2025 Conference. (Yes, 2025 – a year in advance!)

Please call our Omni line (800) 438-5800 to place your reservation.

If the Grove Park Inn sells out of rooms, can I still attend the conference?

Absolutely! The G.P.I. only sleeps about half the people who attend the conference. The conference is limited to 1500 people, so make your reservations early.

How can I reserve one of the original main inn rooms at the Grove Park Inn?

The 142 original rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Rest assured, while they are charming, the remaining 370 rooms in the modern wings are furnished in the Arts & Crafts style as well.

Are dining reservations necessary at the Grove Park Inn restaurants?

Only during peak dining hours on Friday and Saturday nights. You can make a dining reservation by calling (828) 252-2711. No reservations are necessary for lunch.

Please click the button below to explore dining options at the Grove Park Inn.

Are there children’s activities during the conference?

If you are staying at the Grove Park Inn, the Sport Complex offers a handful of day time activities for children ages 5 to 12 so be sure to ask for more information when making your reservation at the Inn.

How do people dress for the conference?

Business casual.

What is the cancellation policy for the conference?

For those with reservations at the Grove Park Inn, you may lose your deposit if you cancel fewer than seven days before your scheduled arrival.

For those staying elsewhere who have purchased the $175 Conference Events Pass through Kate Nixon or this web site, refunds will be made until February 1 (minus a $10 handling fee). Beginning February 1, the amount paid will be credited toward next year’s Conference Events Pass. No refunds can be made for cancellations after February 1. The same policy applies to fees paid for Pre-Conference Workshops.

What is the weather typically like in Asheville during the conference?

Typically, we experience daytime highs around 60 degrees and dip into the forties at night. Snow flurries are always a possibility, but most of our winter precipitation comes in the form of rain. Check the Weather Channel the week before the conference.

If your question has not been answered here, simply email us at or call at (828) 628-1915.