How to Register: Participants and Exhibitors

Thank you for making the 34th National Arts and Crafts Conference – our first virtual conference – one to remember.

While it never was intended to come up to the quality experience of being with friends with the gorgeous and iconic Grove Park Inn as a backdrop, the virtual National Arts and Crafts Conference was a memorable experience because of the strength of our community and the faith you showed in us in delivering to you an online experience rich with the research, visuals, and connections that sets the tone for conferences celebrating the Arts and Crafts era and style.

While we are still in talks with the Grove Park Inn in setting plans for 2022, we urge you to check back later in the Spring OR check our weekly updates on our site where we post weekly articles from our office on the news in our community, advice for the collecting lifestyle, and Bruce’s weekly Little Journeys.

Once you announce the starting date for making reservations, what’s next?

We will release the date that the Grove Park Inn will start taking group reservations since we are a group under the Grove Park Inn. When it’s time to make your reservation, we highly recommend that you call the reservation line at the Grove Park Inn and ask for “Group Reservations.” Once you make your group reservation (be as specific as you can if you’d like a certain room, wing, or area of the hotel) for an “Arts and Crafts Weekend Package” and place a deposit with the Grove Park Inn, the information about your reservation will be sent to us in our office where we will organize our yearly room list, make our best efforts to get you the room you want, and enter you in our records as an attendee.

**Once we make the starting date official for reservations, we will clarify where online attendees will go for registration. Until then, check with us later OR you can check out our other website where we will announce as detailed of an announcement as we can.

Watch this space for more information about registering for the 2022 National Arts and Crafts Conference

…and don’t forget to check, where we’ll annnounce all National Arts and Crafts Conference news!