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Over the course of the past 34 years, the shows at the National Arts and Crafts Conference have grown from relative obscurity in 1988, when serious Arts and Crafts collectors only shopped the Modernism and Pier Shows in New York City, to now considered the premier venue for both the finest Arts and Crafts antiques and the most exciting works made in the Arts and Crafts style by living craftsmen and craftswomen.

We are excited to announce that our office and the Grove Park Inn have signed a contract that will allow us to hold an in-person National Arts and Crafts Conference for February 18-20, 2022. Room reservations for staying at the Grove Park Inn during the conference is open (call 800-358-5800 to make your reservation through the Omni Reservation Center).  We will continue to keep you informed on all news pertaining to the 35th conference both here and at www.artsandcraftscollector.com.

Meanwhile, we have decided to build on the popularity of the virtual conference and shows which we held during the month of February with a similar event entitled “Arts and Crafts in August: A Virtual Experience.” It will again include selling shows, seminars, discussions, tours, and similar events and will take place starting on Sunday, August 1 and continuing through Sunday, August 8.

The cost of registering to exhibit is $200 – and includes a 2-person participant pass for you and another to enjoy the Zoom sessions, tours, seminars, and other benefits of participating.

Exhibitors will be classified as either being on the Antiques Show Page, the Contemporary Craftsfirms Show Page, or the Historic Sites & Organizations Page.

The Exhibitor Shows will again be extended to remain open from August 1 through August 15, running from Noon (EST) on Sunday, August 1 and continuing through 11:59pm (EST) on Sunday, August 15.

We will use the same format as we used in February, with an Exhibitor Profile Box for each of you at our conference website, which will enable collectors to go from there to shop at your website or online store. This time, however, the order of the Exhibitor Profile Boxes will not be determined by your number of years in the conference.

Instead, the order of each Exhibitor Profile Box on the Antiques Show Page, the separate Contemporary Show Page, and the separate Historic Sites & Organizations Show Page will be determined as follows:

  1. Online exhibitor registration is now open.
  2. We’ve drawn the first group of exhibitors that have signed up and placed them in the random order. We will continue to accept exhibitor registration and draw randomly on each day we receive more than one.
  3. Since collectors will not see or use your Profile Box to go to your website until the shows open at Noon (EST) on Sunday, August 1, you will have until July 1st to submit to us any changes you want made inside your Exhibitor Profile Box. You would have until the shows open on August 1st to make any changes to your own website.
  4. In order to draw the largest number of collectors to your website as possible, the shows will again be free to the public.
  5. As indicated earlier, the cost to exhibit will be $200, which also includes a Conference Events Pass for you and your partner (a $150 value) for the seminars, discussions, tours, and other conference events.
  6. “Arts & Crafts in August” will run from August 1-8, but the Video on Demand feature and the exhibitors shows will remain open through Sunday, August 15.

To register as an exhibitor, please click here.

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call or send an email to Kate Nixon or myself.

Thank you for your years of support for the National Arts and Crafts Conference and the Arts and Crafts Revival. If you’re brand new to our conference, welcome to the community!

Bruce Johnson, Director
Kate Nixon, Operations Manager

(828) 628-1915


Booth during an on-site conference at the Grove Park Inn

Profiles from the virtual National Arts and Crafts Conference in 2020