Small Group Discussions

From the very beginning of the National Arts and Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn, our seminar presentations have been so popular that we have always held them in the spacious Heritage Ballroom. It soon became apparent that attempting to hold a traditional question-and-answer session with each speaker afterwards was impractical in a large ballroom, so in its place we began offering daily Small Group Discussions.

We are continuing to update our selection of Small Group Discussion topics for the 35th National Arts and Crafts Conference in 2022. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at our office.

The 2022 Small Group Discussion Topics

“Spotting Furniture Fakes, Forgeries and Repairs” with N. Gordon Gray

“What Does the Arts & Crafts Movement Want From Us?” with Andre Chaves and Dianne Ayres

“Roycroft Books, Ephemera and a Show & Tell” with Robert Rust

“Furniture 101: A Walking Tour of the Grove Park Inn” with Jill Thomas-Clark

“Prints & More: Finding the ‘Art’ in Arts & Crafts” with Steven Thomas

“Exploring Stickley Bros. Copper” with Ron Ciarmello

“Planting the Seed: Planning Your Arts & Crafts Landscape” with Rick Taylor

“Remuddling, Remodeling or Restoration” with Norman Blankenship

“Sharing Tips for Building Arts and Crafts Furniture” with Stewart Crick

“Arts and Crafts Women: Who Comes to Mind?” with Pat Bartinique and Susan Ehrens, speaker.

“Don’t Do What I Did: Tips for Art Pottery Collectors” with Patti Bourgeois and Christine Boone

More topics coming soon!

The following examples were from the 2021 virtual National Arts and Crafts Conference…

Expect to see similar examples during the 2022 National Arts and Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn.

“Advice for New Pottery Collectors” with Christine Boone and Patti Bourgeois

“What is the ‘Art’ in Arts and Crafts?” with Steven Thomas

“The Arts and Crafts Philosophy: A Lifestyle – Or Now Just a Style?” with Pat Bartinique

“Block Printing: The Agony and The Ecstasy” with Laura Wilder

“Virtual Tour of Gustav Stickley’s Syracuse House: Restoring the Interior” with David Rudd, Elizabeth Crawford, and Amy Shook

“Collecting Arts and Crafts Tiles” with Sandie Fowler

“The Stickleys – Was Gus Really the Best” with Michael McCracken

“Collecting Vintage Textiles” with Paul Freeman

“Native Plants and the Landscape” with Rick Taylor

“Collecting Roycroft” with Robert Rust

“Window Treatment Ideas: Have nothing on your windows that is not useful and beautiful” with Dianne Ayres

“Arts and Crafts From the Home” with Jean Oberkirsch

“Behind the Scenes at Craftsman Farms” with Vonda Givens, Executive Director

“Documentary Craft to Artistic Medium: Photography in the Golden Era of Arts and Crafts” with Speaker Peter Potter

“Building Arts and Crafts Furniture” with Stewart Crick

“Collecting Arts and Crafts Metalware” with Bryan Mead

“Collecting Japanese Woodblock Prints” with Patti Bourgeois

Small Group Discussion: “Spotting Furniture Fakes, Forgeries, and Repairs” with N. Gordon Gray

“The Sound of Music – Arts and Crafts Style” with Pat Bartinique

“A Final Chat with Stickley Documentary Director Herb Stratford”