Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor registration for the online Arts and Crafts In August will open on Wednesday, June 1st at the arts-craftsconference.com registration page.

The online shows will be officially open from 12:00 PM EST August 1st, 2022 and close at 11:59 PM EST August 14th, 2022. Like last year, I will be leaving the shows open for another week past August 7th.

If you would like to register as an online exhibitor past August 1st, please contact the office at (828) 628-1915 and I will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

Starting June 1st at noon, click this link to register for Arts and Crafts In August and select “Exhibitor Registration”


How much is the online show exhibitor fee?

The fee will be $150.00 to register for the online booth and profile box as well as an included household pass to enjoy access to the Zoom sessions, seminars, demonstrations, and the Video on Demand page.

How will this Arts and Crafts In August show be different from the 2021 show?

Each virtual exhibitor will have a page dedicated to an “online booth” in addition to an “exhibitor profile box” AND the online shows will be searchable. Just like 2021, each show will have a profile box that will send customers to your online booth for a virtual showcase and your own image gallery.

What will be the same?

The online booths will send your customers to your website. Additionally, you’ll be able to migrate information from previous Arts & Crafts In August exhibitor profiles to the 2022 online booth.

*please note: The director of Arts & Crafts In August reserves the right to reject any application of an exhibitor that does not properly provide works that are inspired by the historic Arts & Crafts movement. If your application is rejected, the amount of your registration fee will be refunded minus processing fees.

If you are applying to be a prospective exhibitor for the National Arts and Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn, please click here to read the information on the Exhibitor Information page before you send the following email.

To apply to participate, please answer the following questions.

If you are a non-profit, click here to fill out your Exhibitor form.’

Application process

We do not have a formal application form for you to complete. Instead, we ask that you submit a letter or email answering the following:

1.) Please provide all of your contact information, including any website you have.

2.) Which category of show are you applying for?

3.)  Describe what you would bring to the show.

4.)  Have you attended the show in prior years?

5.)  What other shows have you done in the past two years?

6.)  Please provide two professional references (preferably from our list of exhibitors).

7.)  Contemporary Craftsfirms:  please include two or three photos of your work.

Send to:
Kate Nixon

Flower Bridge Design LLC
25 Upper Brush Creek Road
Fletcher, NC 28732

Or email to acconferenceinfo@charter.net

The director of the National Arts and Crafts Conference & Shows at the Grove Park Inn reserves the right to reject any application which is in any way detrimental to the integrity of the conference and shows.