Arts & Crafts in August: Free Exhibitor Shows

Arts and Crafts collectors have demonstrated that it takes more than a pandemic to dampen the spirit of this community. Last February’s virtual show enabled collectors to remain in touch with the antiques dealers, artisans, and artists you have come to know and trust at the Grove Park Inn’s live shows. Our exhibitors were thrilled with your response to a virtual show, and have been gathering even more material and creating more works for you to see at our August event.

We will again be creating Exhibitor Profile Boxes containing key information on each of our exhibitors for you to see starting at Noon (EST) on Sunday, August 1 and ending at Midnight (EST) on Sunday, August 15. Each Exhibitor Profile Box will contain a direct link to his/her website or online store, where you will have the opportunity to view even more inventory than would fit in a live booth — and to catch some one-time show specials.

Come back August 1st at 12:00 PM Eastern to enter the shows

Admission is free. Click the buttons below to enter August 1st – 15th

Contemporary Craftsfirms Show

Exhibitors participating in Arts & Crafts In August

Row 1: Motawi Tileworks, Seven Fingers Inc., Shawn Krueger Fine Art, Mission Guild Studio

Row 2: Gamble House Bookstore, Door Pottery, Paint-By-Threads, Turn of the Century Editions/Parchment Press

Row 3: Hog Hill Pottery, CJ Hurley Century Arts, Clark House Pottery, Katrich Studios, Inc.

Row 4: The Bungalow Craft by Julie Leidel, Laura Wilder Artwork, Ariel Grace Design, Terra Firma Handmade Arts & Crafts Tiles

Row 5: Dard Hunter Studios, La Pointe Pottery, Arts & Crafts Period Textiles

Arts and Crafts Antiques Show

Exhibitors participating in Arts & Crafts In August

Row 1: Stickley Copper, Spotted Horse Collectibles, Japanese Woodblock Gallery, Pats Pots

Row 2: Carol Eppel Antiques, Hammered & Hewn, Barbara Gerr Antiques, Isak Lindenauer

Row 3: Oberkirsch Design, Kindred Styles Antiques, David Surgan, Dalton’s American Decorative Arts, LLC

Row 4: Christine Boone, Steven Thomas, Marc Tisdale, Roger Riley Antiques

Row 5: Portobello Road Antiques, Bolling & Co., JMW Gallery, Ryan Berley Applied Arts

Row 6: Titus Omega, Antique Articles, Drucker Antiques, California Historical Design

Row 7: Toomey & Co Auctioneers, Eastwood Gallery

Organizations and Historic Sites

Exhibitors participating in Arts & Crafts In August

Row 1: The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms, The Colorado Arts and Crafts Society, The Save Our Heritage Organisation, The Roycrofters-At-Large Association, The Rose Valley Museum at Thunderbird Lodge